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Healthcare people are our business.

Vision. Talent. Experience.


Within a few years, health care is expected to account for 20% of total U.S. economic output. In this vast and ever-changing industry, one truth endures – every health care company, facility or technology is just as strong as the people who make it work.


We are OnPoint Partners, a company that provides experienced, talented, dedicated people to the health care industry.


Whether we are working as Healthcare Consultants or Executive Search recruiters, our objective is the same. We want to make a difference in improving the quality, efficiency and profitability of health care services and companies.


To drive change in portfolio companies by uniting client vision and needs with superb recruit the finest mission-critical talent available.

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    Limitations to Discount Fee Analyses: Examining Alternate Factors to Consider when Evaluating Health Plans’ Cost Savings

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