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The people who make healthcare work.

Specialists in Retained Executive Search. Since 1989, OnPoint has successfully completed 1,500 executive searches in the healthcare, insurance and finance industries. We have unique expertise in placing hard-to-fill specialties with qualified candidates.

Strategic Resources to Healthcare Clients. Working for healthcare providers and payers, we assemble consulting teams tailored to the demands of each assignment. Creative problem-solving is our specialty.

Established Healthcare Industry Relationships. We can move quickly to identify the right people, procedures and strategies through our extensive industry networks and professional relationships.

Disciplined Methods that Produce Results. The OnPoint Partnership for Executive Search includes disciplined fact-finding and consulting methods that consistently define and meet specific client objectives and requirements.

Why Onpoint?

* You work with an experienced, motivated, dedicated team

* Focused but flexible— we shift gears smoothly and swiftly

* Consultants trained for client-specific expertise

* Superior communication tools (oral and written)

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